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Image by Fallon Michael


A conceptual iOS application design

Modernizing and publicizing access to services and rentals provided through public libraries

Kelly Wilkins - UX Designer + Researcher + Visual Design Lead
Kevin Joe - UX Designer + Visual Lead
Mara Maeglin - UX Designer + Research Lead
Caglar Akedemir - UX Designer + Research Lead
2 week sprint
Denver Public Library
*UX Design Immersive Student Project
UX Research - 3 user interviews, 11 user survey results, task analysis, affinity map, 3 user personas, 3 journey maps, competitive analysis, information architecture, site map, 3 usability tests
UX Design - sketches, low-fi & high-fi wireframes, interactive prototype

Libraries have a great deal of resources to offer to the communities they serve. However, many people who may benefit from these resources are often not aware of their existence. Not only that, but those who are aware run into inefficient bookkeeping practices through non-updated websites or physical records that can make rentals unreliable and services less accessible. 

My team was given the task to design a solution. 

We came up with The Archive; a conceptual end to end creation of a mobile iOS application to manage all of the resources that contemporary libraries have to offer. It provides easy access to rentals, services, resources, and programming for both frequent and infrequent library visitors alike.

The app hosts a wide variety of resources; from booking study rooms and to renting new hobby kits and national park passes, to getting help from a librarian and checking out educational curriculum sets. 
The application’s accessibility features offer an inclusive experience for diverse groups by providing a number of in-app language choices and access to technology and devices to serve those without their own. 

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