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E-Commerce Research & Visual Design

Addressing the dichotomy between a charming storefront and a substandard online presence 

Lead (Sole) Designer - Research, Synthesis, Information Architecture, Ideation, Wireframes, Branding
3 week sprint
Paulina Springs Books 
*UX Design Immersive Student Project
UX Research - 3 user interviews, 8 survey results, task analysis, affinity map, user personas, competitive analysis, information architecture, site map, 3 usability tests
UX Design - sketches, mid-fi & high-fi wireframes, interactive prototype, style guide

PSB is a small, independent bookstore located in Sisters, Oregon. It's the kind of shop that you enter out of curiosity while waiting for a brunch table next door, but end up walking out with a smile on your face holding a book you didn't know you needed.

The PSB website, however, is the type you spend 30 minutes navigating with a grimace on your face only to throw your hands in the air and head to a competitor's site when you were unable to get what you needed. 

In the modern, post-pandemic age, small businesses cannot afford to rely solely on in-store customers when they could be increasing sales with a reliable online option. PSB customers want to support their favorite bookstore but are not willing to sacrifice time and sanity to do so.

So, I designed a site worthy of the PSB name.

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