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I'm Kelly.

Hey there, 

I am a UX/UI designer based in Bend, Oregon. I'm passionate about helping people and creating aesthetically pleasing experiences both digitally and beyond.

My experience in education as a elementary school teacher has given me a self-driving tenacity by discovering problems both small and systemic, and working tirelessly to address them for the benefit of my students and classroom. I adopted a problem-solving attitude and a growth mindset that I've carried past that experience into my everyday life.

As much as I loved teaching, I found myself craving opportunities for more creative expression, but I didn't want to sacrifice my affinity for psychology and helping others. That's when I stumbled across UX. Since then, I've hit the ground running into the field. Now, I'm looking for new opportunities to design user-facing products and continue to hone my craft.

Design the change you wish to see in the world. 

- Mostly Ghandi + a little bit Kelly
Image by Luca Nicoletti

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